SpringLeaD Universal Bicycle Leash

Universal Bicycle Leash

Enjoy bicycle riding and improve the health, happiness, and fitness of your dog and you with the SpringLeaD Universal Bicycle Leash. The SpringLeaD features an ultra-strong 8mm steel spring and sturdy nylon lead for extra comfort and safety. The spring reduces virtually all tugging and makes bicycle trips safer and more comfortable than riding while holding your dog's leash in your hand. The mount features two connection points, enabling you to switch the leash to either side of your bike. It's extremely easy to attach and remove, saving precious time so you can have more fun on the road with your best friend.

  • Curved leash bar made of extremely tough stainless steel pipe

  • SEAT TUBE block connection is made of stamped galvanized steel with a solid CNC machined connection pin

  • 8mm steel spring with patented locking system for ultimate safety

  • Double clip leash with integrated handle to lead the dog to and from the bicycle

  • An essential for every dog and cyclist

  • Enjoy bicycle riding and improve the health, happiness, and fitness of your dog and you

  • Extremely resilient design

  • Allows you to cycle with two dogs simultaneously

  • Installs in a few simple steps

  • Easily switch between two bikes with an additional spare block (sold separately)

  • Run two dogs simultaneously with a spare leash bar (sold separately)


The SpringBar Spare Bicycle Leash allows you to ride with two dogs at once. It attaches quickly and easily to the second attachment point on the SpringBlock Connection

Cycblock Spare Connection

The Cycblock spare connection allows you to easily share a single leash with multiple bikes. Replacement connector.


Price: $50.00


Product Add-ons

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Cycleagility MTB $ 1,200.00