Fun Muzzle

Adjustable Muzzle

With the Fun Muzzle there's no snout left out! Give your dog a Bacio (kiss) or Baffo (mustache). The Fun Muzzle, designed by Emanuele Bianchi, is great for visits to the vet or groomer, peace of mind while walking or introductions to new friends. The variable geometry adjusts for any snout. The ample Velcro allows for accurate fit and prevents your dog from removing it. Lined with soft microfiber fabric for extra comfort. Machine washable in cold water. Air dry.

Please measure the circumference of your dog's snout to find the perfect fit.

S - Adjusts to 5-6"

M - Adjusts to 6-8"

L - Adjusts to 8-10"

XL - Adjusts to 10-12"


Price: $14.00