Hot Pants

Dog Panties

Best wearability meets fashion design in these dog panties. Fully machine washable on warm setting. These stylish dog panties can also be used with the Hot Pads to provide protection for females in heat, excited urination, minor incontinence and senior dogs; effectively avoiding messy clean-ups and furniture stains. The Hot Pants can be used with our disposable adhesive pads. The Hot Pants do not provide contraception protection and also should be removed to allow your pet to answer a call of nature.

To choose the correct pants size, measure your dog's waist or refer to the chart below with typical waist sizes for different dog breeds

Dog Breed Example Measurements:

Toy Poodle 8"-10"

Chihuahua 8"-12"

Yorkshire Terrier 8"-12"


Miniature Pinscher 10"-14"

Maltese 10"-14"

Pekingese 12"-16"

Pug Carlino 12"-16"

Miniature Poodle 14"-16"

Beagle 14"-16"

Cairn Terrier 14"-16"

West Highland Terrier 14"-18"

Scottish Terrier 14"-18"

Welsh Terrier 14"-18"

Miniature Schnauzer 14"-18"

Lhasa Apso 14"-18"

Cocker Spaniel 16"-18"


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