Bitty Bag/Velvet Biba

Bitty Bag/Velvet Biba

The luxurious Bitty Bag and Velvet Bitty Bag is a beautifully soft and attractive shoulder pet carrier, ideal for small animals.  The shoulder straps are adjustable and include a padded handle. It includes a safety leash to prevent your pet from accidentally falling out. This bag serves as a great addition for bringing your small companion with you everywhere you go.

The Bitty Bag is made with beautiful windowpane quilted coffee suede like fabric and orange quilted interior, creating a comfy and cozy environment for your dog or other small pet

The Velvet Bitty Bag , a combination of velvet tones,  is elegant and stylish, and extremely comfortable for your pet. Color combinations include espresso with a stone interior, stone with a sage interior, and sage with a stone interior. Any choice is sure to complement any palette.

Can hold pets up to 15lbs.

Measures 15"L x 9"W x 10.5"H

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Price: $65.00


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