K9 Lift

Universal Automotive Pet Booster Seat

The Kar 9 Lift Universal Automotive Pet Booster Seat allows your pet to enjoy the view while riding along with you in the car, and keeps your best friend in plain view! The K9 Lift incorporates the clever K9K attachment technology. It can be attached to the front or back of the seat. The K9Lift is easy to install and is removable for cleaning. Hand wash in cold water. Air dry.

• Sturdy Kar 9 headrest stems attachment technology

• Ample hook and loop closure ensures secure bond between soft and hard frame

• Silky, quilted interior for superior comfort

• Reversible comfort mat included

• Optional lambswool-like comfort mat available (sold separately)

• Easily removable for washing

• Collapsible for storage

• Inner safety leash included

• Holds pets up to 20lbs.

• Measures 16.11"L x 14.1"W x 12.10"D

K9Lift Mat

The ultra-soft, faux lambswool fabric of the K9 Lift Mat converts the K9 Lift Pet Booster Seat into a warm and cozy nook for your best friend while traveling in the car. Machine washable on the gentle cycle. Hang to dry. Sold separately.

· Comfort mat for the K9 Lift

· Lambswool-like fabric

· Keeps your pet snug and cozy

· Machine washable, gentle cycle

· Hang to dry

· Sold separately


Price: $99.00