Yoga Bowl and Tulip insert

Food or water pet bowl with ceramic insert

The Yoga Bowl and Tulip bowl from Emanuele Bianchi Design, with its raised design, is uniquely stylish. It is molded from high quality polypropylene in this configuration it is used combined with a ceramic insert. Each leg has a rubber stopper which prevents sliding as well as protects your floor. As an added bonus to being a distinctive new look for any pet, the raised styling provides a perfectly ergonomic feeding position for all dogs with the front being lower than the back of the bowl. This is an added bonus for senior pets. For the pet owner, the handles provide a convenient and hygienic way to carry the bowl. The combination polypropilene and ceramic is an optimal option for customers who prefer not to serve their pets in plastic dishes. Dishwasher safe and microwave safe for warming. 

• Ergonomic design for comfortable feeding position

• Ideal for senior pets

• Rubber tips on legs prevent sliding

• with Tulip Bowl ceramic insert

• Handles provide hygienic portability

• Dishwasher safe

• Microwave safe for warming